Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm getting itchy for a cold Czech beer

Do you have a favorite place you long to visit again and again? I spent a wonderful month with my wife in Prague a few years ago. I went back a few years later with THIS GUY. We both got sick as dogs ... yet ... I find that I love visiting, and I'm hoping to get back soon. I think I secretly long to be an expatriate. No ... it's probably the beer.

What favorite places call to you?


Anonymous said...

So, a few years ago with her...then a few years later with me....isn't that *now*? I'm confused. Your calendar is weird.

Yeah, I approved of Staropromen Beer and the slutty chicks who worked in jewelry shops. And the soccer. It was the only thing on TV.


Victor Gischler said...

"Few" is a vague term. It can mean almost anything. Besides, time is an abstract concept, and abstract concepts give me a headache.


John D. said...

When I was in the Army, I was stationed in Germany for two years. I'd really like to go back some time, see how things have changed in the 18 years since I left.

Ansbach, the place where I was stationed, had a bar that served some Czech beers (Budvar and Pilsner Urquell, don't recall if they served any others). Good stuff.

Victor Gischler said...

Pilsner Urquell!

NOW you're speaking my language. You can get it in a bottle here in the USA ... but it's just not quite the same.

jeff shelby said...

There's this bar. In Omaha. Sorority girls march in and out. Sometimes they march in with inflatable human organs. I feel certain I will never be able to spend enough time there over my lifetime.

meeb said...

Well, I havn't been fortunate enough to go to Europe...but when I win a million bucks, I'll be there! As for a nice reflection on my trips, both mental and physical,I stayed in Vancouver BC for a weekend. The hotel was great, room service was great, China Town smelled like a port-o-potty, but we still had a nice time, we ended up glued to the tv watching Canadian Curling!!! Who knew!

Kat Richardson said...

Right now, any place that is far from my wretched keyboard and someone else is buying the beer sounds good. Unless the beer is Coors. Then I think I'd rather be chained to my manuscript--it, too, may give me a headache, but at least I don't find myself thinking of mule stables and wondering what the frickin mules have been drinking.

Victor Gischler said...


Hey! Those Mules work hard!