Friday, September 5, 2014


Thanks for the support, ye mighty readers!  The trend of the feedback has been very positive so far!

What folks are saying ...

"Gischler makes sure every page, panel and dialogue is over the top, fun and filled with odd one-liners and enough graphic gratification to keep you on the edge of the seat, stunningly supported by the visuals of Tazio Bettin." -- Comics for Sinners

"Just from the second issue alone, I thoroughly enjoyed Sally of the Wasteland. No, not enjoyed; loved!"  -- FangirlNation

"Sally Of The Wasteland is not a subtle comic.  Then again, Sally is not a subtle person.  One does not expect subtlety with a heroine who owns a shotgun named Bertha.  But while Sally may not be subtle, she is one of the more memorable female protagonists to star in a comic in some time.  She is a lost sister to Tank Girl and Cassie Hack, whose personality bounces between “Annoyed” and “Psychotic” even when she’s trying to be flirtatious. 4/5" --  Kabooooom

"It is however the action sequences that [Bettin] excels in the most, with the brutal panels being both beautiful and gory, taking the series to the level of intensity it needs to be at. Bettin also produces his own colours with his striking palette giving a very rich tone to the series." -- Unleash the Fanboy

"Sally #2 is a very funny issue."  -- Comic Book Therapy

Additionally, I've gotten lots of nice comments directly from readers.  Thanks.

And just for fun (and to show how fair minded I am) here's a dude that really really hated Sally all together: Click.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Around the world at 10 years old ...

I'm not sure how this happened.

When my son was about 6 years old, he said he wanted to go around the world.  My wife, in an attempt to put him off said, "You have to be at least ten years old to go around the world."  People, let me tell you, kids REMEMBER that stuff.  And so, in the few years that followed, something my wife had said casually, somehow became a "plan."

So when the time came, I used the "multi-stop" option on websites like Kayak and Orbitz to see what airline tickets would cost to get us around the world.  The result: There was NO WAY we were going to be able to afford this trip.  I finally started pricing each leg of the trip one leg at a time.  One way tickets to Paris from one site.  One way tickets to Venice from another.  Then to Tokyo. Then home.  Doing it this way literally cut the cost IN HALF.  We were back!  This was doable.

Time was also a problem.  Originally, London and Prague were on the itinerary, but with time and money a consideration, we had to see what cities we could visit and enjoy on our budget and wrap the whole thing up in two weeks.  So ... Paris, Venice, Tokyo.

The downside: Anything airport or airline related was flat out sucky.  I mean, nothing particularly went wrong.  I just hate flying these days.  It stinks.

The rest of the trip was awesome.

In Paris, we did the obvious tourist things: Museums, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, etc.

In Venice we arrived at our hotel in style via water taxi.  Our hotel was right on the Grand Canal and it was cool for the boat to pull right up and let us off.  We saw a bunch of historical stuff which was fine, but really, I liked spending my time in Venice as follows:

Tokyo was a big stop for my son as he likes anime and manga and all that whatnot.

And we finished the trip in ... Mexico?

Kidding.  The above picture is from the Indiana Jones ride at the Disney Sea theme park in Tokyo.  We had half a day to kill before our night flight home, and some Disney fun was a great way to cap things off.

Then home and some world record jet lag.

And while I will be sending my next 500 paychecks directly to the credit card, it was worth it.

Although it's great to be home.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


... hits shops tomorrow!

If you like irreverence and violence and post-apocalyptic whatnot, I hope you'll all pick up the debut issue!

And click HERE for the trailer.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014



Don't forget to pick up the trade of Kiss Me, Satan!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


A huge THANK YOU to all the folks who purchased a copy of INK MAGE yesterday when it was a daily deal on Amazon.

No link.  No sales pitch.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ink Mage is now CHEAP for your Kindle !

Amazon has made my epic fantasy novel INK MAGE super cheap for people with Kindles or a Kindle App.  Only 1.99.  This is a "daily deal" so grab the bargain before time runs out.  Click HERE.

Guys, I don't have a crystal ball or anything like that, but I get the vibe we might me close to impressing the publisher enough for a sequel.  If you like sword stabbings and magic and whatnot, give it a try.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's a Value Menu World!

For a limited time, get some Kindle fiction for the super elCheapo price of 99 pennies.

For a limited time, There Are Aliens Behind Uranus, Mr. President is on sale for 99 cents.  One of my favorite authors is Kurt Vonnegut and I always admired his alter ego Kilgore Trout.  In a similar vein, I created Emerson LaSalle.  This is probably the pulpiest most over the top thing I've ever written.  Sex and violence and craziness galore.

I've also permanently lowered the price of Three on a Light to 99 cents.  These tales of private eye Dean Murphy and his encounters with werewolves, witches and vampires represents some of my earlier writing, and I've lowered the price to encourage more readers to give it a chance.

To the Devil, My Regards has always been 99 cents.  This is the crazy hardboiled novella I wrote with Anthony Neil Smith.  A fun game: try to guess which chapters are his and which are mine.

So ... cheap.  Enjoy.