Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jackie Cassada of Library Journal is about to get a big, wet kiss.

Jackie Cassada - Library Journal
Ten years after the world ends, insurance salesman Mortimer Tate emerges from his well-stocked mountain hideout to find a desolate land populated by bandits, savages, cannibals, and a lone cowboy named Buffalo Bill, who becomes his sidekick in danger and exploration. Joined by Sheila and Tyler, two women who have made their own paths to survival, the group discovers the glue that holds a fragile civilization together-a franchise of strip clubs called Joey Armageddon's Sassy-a-Go-Go. Gischler (Gun Monkeys; The Pistol Poets; Suicide Squeeze; Shotgun Opera) specializes in morbid humor, dark sarcasm, and comic noir, complete with violence and mayhem. Eccentric seriocomic sf in the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut and Douglas Adams, this postapocalyptic adventure is recommended for most mature sf readers.


Any time I'm compared to Kurt Vonnegut, it's a good day. Vonnegut was my "primary figure" in grad school at the University of Southern Mississippi. So I'm happy. Really really happy.


James O. Born said...

Very impressive. I can feel it. This will be big!


Mike MacLean said...

Very cool indeed.

Can't wait to get my grimey little paws on the book.

Neil said...

You Douglas Adams-rip off mofo,you! Go kick more ass.

Jeff Shelby said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for you review of my review! Comic sf and fantasy are extremely hard to pull off -- you're one of the few who can!

Jackie Cassada

Victor Gischler said...


Thanks for stopping by. Please come say hello any time.