Saturday, May 9, 2009


Saw a great film yesterday called LOOK. This gem did incredibly well at the festivals and is just now available on DVD. It's directed by Adam Rifkin and one of the producers is Brad Wyman, the cool cat responsible for Monster and also the guy currently trying to organize the Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse film. When I was out to L.A. for the book festival and visiting with Brad, I expressed my interest in Look, and he generously slipped a DVD into my hands. Nice guy!

Look is shot entirely with surveillance cameras. The opening treats us to this informational tidbit: There are over thirty million surveillance cameras nationwide, and the average American is recorded more than 200 times a day. Whoa.

At first, Look would seem to be a voyeur's dream. The film begins with the audience spying on some very attractive teenage girls in a mall dressing room. We get to see just about everything. We also follow a department store manager's sexual exploits as he takes multiple female employees into the back room for ... well, you know.

But just when the film has comfortably seduced us with it's voyeuristic yumminess, things turn dark. The cameras record various characters making some very bad decisions as we take a left turn into noir territory. Some of these criss-crossing stories become quite chilling.

If you're looking for something a bit different, I suggest you give Look a try.


ca nadeau said...

Go_go Girls would make a great film but I'd prefer to see Pistol you can see, it's on my recommended reading list:

Victor Gischler said...


I appreciate that, man. Pistol Poets has been optioned before ... but it didn't quite come together. But filmmakers have been showing interest on and off for years.


ca nadeau said...

Don't get discouraged, the book is a natural. perhaps Quentin tarrantino will "discover it."

Shawn Rutledge said...

I love both of the books. But the one I'd love to see filmed is Shotgun Opera. I mean that book is so psychotically cinematic, plus with the glut in the market for action packed films, why not?

Kent said...

Watched LOOK last night. Good flick. And it provided me with my new favorite song, "Electrocuted".