Sunday, July 11, 2010

Your Funny-book Shopping list

Okay, word on the street is that X-men #1 is doing very, very well. Details about that as doings unfold. And while anything new in the comic world automatically comes with a few haters, the book has found love in several places. I like THIS REVIEW. Get down to your local shop and pick up a copy. Also, keep your eyes open for one of the 1043 variant covers.

Also, if you've come late to the party on all this DEADPOOL CORPS stuff and you're saying to yourself, "How can I find out about this and get caught up and enjoy all the Deadpooly goodness?" Then gets yourself a nifty new hardcover of Prelude to Deadpool Corps. This handy tome collects all five Preludes and sets the stage for Deadpool Corps. Bring money.

And just to prove I talk about other people on this blog besides myself (every 100 years or so) I want to say that I hope you're all reading Wade Wilson's War by Duane Swierczynski. Great stuff.


Jerry House said...

The July-August issue of Bookmarks magazine is their great Mystery and Crime Writing issue. A certain author of Gun Monkeys, The Pistol Poets and The Deputy is one of the five featured neo-noir authors touted. (The others are Charlie Huston, Joe Lansdale, Jonathan Letham & Denise Mina, with an additional hat tip to Duane Swierczynski and Paul Tremblay -- good company, sir!)
No word on if they plan a Great Comics issue.

wv: mashing (somehow appropriate)

Victor Gischler said...


Thanks for the heads up.

I'll try to land a copy.


Jerry House said...

It's an interesting issue, usually available at B&N or Borders. The other two mystery catagories are recent historical crime writers of note (Boris Akunin, Tom Cain, Anne Perry, Tom Robb Smith & Charles Todd, with hat tips to Ariana Franklin, Walter Mosley and Matthew Pearl) and Young Crime Writers (meaning whippersnappers under 40 [!]: Megan Abbott, Chelsea Cain, Sofi Oksanen & Rebecca Pawel).

This is their third such issue. The previous ones were in 2004 & 2007. So expect a fourth issue featuring Great Mystery and Crime Writing in three years...

Nathan said...

Looking forward to the Curse of the mutants storyline. (more Gambit please!)

I haven't read Wade Wilsons War yet, but does it happen in the main Marvel universe or does it happen in the zombie universe?

Denny said...

I adored X-Men v03 #01. The characterizations, the plot seems very entangling, and I just adore to see Jubilee back. I'm in for the ride!

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks. Denny! Spread the word!