Thursday, October 7, 2010

A new novel from Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips is one hell of a writer. Ice Harvest remains one of my favorite novels, and Cottonwood prooved he could take his skills in new, amazing directions.

Now you need to check out his new dystopic novel Rut. But you can't just pop into your local Borders and buy it. Why? Check out this interesting experiment in publishing.


Anonymous said...

Hey victor, at comic con i noticed the cover for the next x-men arc, (wolverine, Cyclops, Emma, Storm and Spiderman), that's not the core team is it?

....where's Gambit?

Clara said...

I gotta agree dude, i was kinda annoyed when i saw that i hope it's not for adjectivless, i see enough of Frost, Cyclops and Wolverine as it is.

Victor Gischler said...


Gambit is in there. Don't sweat it.


Kristopher and Crew said...

This looks like a very interesting thing they're doing, and Rut looks cool. But, and maybe this is my migraine speaking, I can't figure out how I get my hands on the book. Do we order it somewhere on there that I'm missing?