Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back from Italy

I have lots of fun stories to share from my visit to Padova, Italy for the Sugar Pulp festival. But first I want to thank Tazio Bettin for his great art inspired by my novel GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCALYPSE. A really nice surprise. I'm thrilled my novel was good enough in his eyes to motivate a couple of neato drawings.


Tazio Bettin said...

It absolutely is! I'm surprised I was to first to homage this novel. The scene with the minicoopers was simply epic, and I loved every single character.

D Vincent Baker wrote a splendid tabletop roleplaying called "Apocalypse World" ( One of the key concepts in this game is phrased as "barf forth apocalyptica", as in "bring forward a stream of cool visions of the apocalypse".
Go Go Girls of the Apocalypse barfs forth apocalyptica in every single page!
Why has a comic not yet been made, I wonder.

J. R. McLemore said...

Wow. Those are neato!

Paul said...

Hi Victor and Tazio,

Ditto on what Tazio said about Apocalypse. And what Victor said about Tazio's drawings of the same. The artistry of both is really excellent.

Kudos to you both,


PS--Forgive me for bothering you so soon after your arrival from Italy. But I was wondering if you were doing any writer's conferences on the East Coast during the next six months or so. If so, I would appreciate you letting me know what, when, and where. No hurry on your reply, just wanted to contact you once more before giving up.

Many thanks,


Victor Gischler said...


About the only thing I have scheduled is a weekend coming up in November at CONtraflow in New Orleans. I'll post if I schedule anything else.


Paul said...

Thanks, Victor.
I'll check it out and check back here periodically for other engagements . . .