Saturday, November 3, 2012



Veiriti said...

Oh, I cannot wait!!! Looks like Morgan has a gang of demons, she is not just a lonely "damsel in distress"! :)
And I'm thankful to you that you haven't posted the other cover. Frison's art is awesome, but I'm not a big fan of the theme of her cover #4... ;)

Stoney said...

This is my favourite cover of the series and I suspect could be the most reflective of what is going on. I was so disappointed when Steve Morris chose this style for the Spike covers over his work on A&F but this cover is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr Gischler

This was my favourite issue of the book so far. I like that Spike turned Morgan down and chose reality, and the dialogue was great. I am puzzled what he's supposed to have learned, though. He'd already rejected fantasy in no 1 when he told the bugs to dismantle the fake sun etc.

What am I missing?

Stoney said...

Absolutely loved this issue. Loved it! There is of course now a huge pressure for next issue to be as good because my expectations just increased, and they were pretty high already! That Spike saved himself, breaking her 'influence', made me ecstatically happy. I had assumed the bugs would play a fundamental role in this plot point so to see him show the smarts he has got was fantastic.

Spike appreciates experiencing the highs and lows over the fantasy offering that could ostensibly make him happy and sees that it was all real. That he also sees that he was adding to Buffy's burdens rather than supplying her missing jigsaw piece to help her, confining himself to being on the edges, is great progression. He’s in a position to make a choice whether to be around her properly and to belong and have a home, something real he hasn’t sought before but obviously wants. Whether it would work for him around Buffy regardless of whether a relationship developed or not is something he is probably in a better frame of mind to work out now. I would love to see him settle and get what his soul craves in belonging, but the drive has to be for himself, not to be trying to provide for Buffy and making his life pivot around her. Great stuff.

It will be interesting to see what happens for Morgan. Although I would still prefer to wave goodbye to her I did feel sorry for her that her very nature, which is intrinsic to her and she says she can't turn off, stops her having something that is 'real' in the same way everyone else can. Hopefully she will go off and find something/someone... just elsewhere! :) Maybe she will leave with the bugs who seem to be having their own leadership/purpose theme.

The panel where they are looking out of the window she just leapt through really made me laugh. I hope you stay with Spike in S10 (hopefully in the main title). Thank you for another great issue.

gigi said...

It was for sure a Spuffy treat this issue.
Too bad you didn't get to script Buff #10 and those panels with Buffy/Spike breakup. It would have been nice to get a dialog there instead of just a Spike monologue before leaving her to go to the dark side of the moon.

Can't wait to read the end of the mini!