Monday, October 28, 2013


So ... this month is kind of big for me.  Maybe that's why I've felt a jittery combination of excitement and nerves.  INK MAGE came out nearly a week ago, and I've been watching it bob up and down the Amazon rankings and biting my nails hoping people will like it.  It's my first novel since THE DEPUTY and I won't lie.  I really, really hope INK MAGE makes a splash.  Since I was a kid, I've wanted to write a fantasy trilogy (I mean, it's universal law these thing come in trilogies, right?) and so I really want the novel to do well so 47North will green light me for two more books.

And speaking of THE DEPUTY, the folks at Tyrus Books have seen fit to drop the price to 1.99 for October only!  So you still have a few days to jump on that.

And while I am pretty jazzed up about my new fantasy genre efforts, I haven't given up on fun pulpy crime stuff.  October also sees the debut of BIG STUPID a crime novella from La Case Books new Popcorn imprint.  Get some!

Finally, issue #2 of KISS ME, SATAN came out this month also.  This is my first ever creator-owned comic book, and I'm thrilled that Dark Horse Comics gave me a chance with this project.

So yeah.  October is big.  I have all fingers and toes crossed, and there's a TON of stuff in the works still that I can't quite talk about yet.  Frankly, I need a vacation.  But no rest for the weary.  Not yet.


Randy Johnson said...

Just wanted to let you know. There seems to be a problem with INK MAGE. I got an email saying episode 2 had been added to part one. But it wasn't there.

I just spent an hour on a chat line with an Amazon tech trying to get it loaded. We tried deleting the book, then reloading it. Even deregistering my Kindle for PC, then registering a new one.

Never could get it to give me episode 2.

I tried man.

Victor Gischler said...


I just replied to your email about this.