Sunday, November 17, 2013

PULP fans need to munch some POPCORN!

As I've already mentioned, my hardboiled pulp novella BIG STUPID is available on Kindle and Nook from the fine folks at La Case Books.  I wanted to pause and just talk for a few minutes about their new Popcorn imprint (they are the ones who published BIG STUPID.)  This imprint is committed to delivering slam-bang pulp fun in quick novella-sized reads.

FIND SKULD is written by the dynamic duo of Matteo Strukul and Marco Piva Dittrich.  These are already a couple of pretty great guys in my humble opinion.  For starters, Matteo is my editor in Italy, and a respected Italian author.  Marco translated my novel Shotgun Opera.  Now they show their pulp skills as a team, offering up a story about two-handpicked soldiers on a mission to ... you guessed it ... Find Skuld.  Full of NAZI KILL ACTION.

My main man, Anthony Neil Smith has penned a pulp masterpiece of macabre craziness with SIN-CRAZED PSYCHO KILLER! DIVE, DIVE, DIVE!  Neil has already proven himself as a hardboiled pulp guy, but I honestly think he was channeling one of those old 1940s dime novel authors with this one.  Each page was a new grotesque delight.

I haven't had a chance yet to read Hal Duncan's THE TAKING OF THE STAMP yet, but I'm looking forward to it.  If you're looking for high octane hold nothing back pulp fiction, then keep your eye on La Case's POPCORN imprint.

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