Friday, April 18, 2014

This is how I earn a living ... so , yeah sales pitch time.

Okay, if your the sort of comic reader that waits for the trades, then there are a few coming soon and you need to bug your local comic shop to order a big fat box of these things. (Or at least one for yourself.)

So you like Werewolves with mini-guns, right?

Then order yourself a trade of KISS ME, SATAN!

What?  You say you prefer deadly female circus clowns.  Then throw your money at CLOWN FATALE!

So those are the trade, but we have a NEW one coming out soon from our pals at TITAN with up-n-comer Tazio Bettin on art duties.  Hey just give issue one a try ...

(Don't worry.  The comic is in color.  Just thought I'd share one of Tazio's pencil-n-ink pages.)

So ... get yourself a bank loan and get to your local comic shop and drop your wad of cash on the counter and yell, "Gischler me up!"

What, you don't like pictures with your stories?  Then you should know the paperback of my fantasy novel INK MAGE comes out at the end of the month.

But you can still get the Kindle copy for pretty darn cheap right HERE.

Okay ... sales pitch concluded.


Cadeyrn said...

Ink Mage was a really good book. What's the word on sequels, prequels or other associated fun-and-games?

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks, Cadeyrn!

Sequels are purely a matter of sales and good reviews ... but I'm eager to go as soon as the publisher gives me the green light!

ANS said...

I thought you made a living selling your hair to dollmakers?

Victor Gischler said...

Girls don't want dolls that look like Major Dad.

Graham Powell said...

Which, if any, of these would be appropriate for my 14-year-old daughter? She's a big fantasy fan but I question whether Ink Mage would be suitable.

Victor Gischler said...

Graham, I actually prepped in my mind for this very question. Ink Mage is not YA. Violence and a couple of frank but not pornographic sex scenes. I feel a mature 15 year old would not be much of a bad risk. 14 is maybe iffy. Best to err on the side of caution.