Thursday, April 1, 2010

THE DEPUTY released today !

At long last, THE DEPUTY -- my happy return to crime fiction -- hits stores today. As it happens, this event coincides more or less with the release of the Italian edition of THE PISTOL POETS from my pals at the hip Italian publishing house Meridiano Zero. Since these books are coming out at the same time but a world apart, I can't help but make some comparisons.

My friend Matteo (in charge of my publicity at Meridiano Zero) tells me newspapers and magazines are already talking me up in Italy and that I can expect more press in the next few weeks as my trip to Italy approaches in May. I love Italian readers, love the way they're welcoming my novels, and I can't wait for my trip. It's nice to write a book and have newspapers and magazines take notice.

Too bad I can't expect that to happen in the good old United States. I mean it might happen ... I'm just not holding my breath. This is not a bitter complaint, nor is it self-pity. It's just a simple recognition of reality. Shrinking column inches is one problem. Being a mid-list author in a sea of mid-list authors is another.

So a writer-type like me must simply get with the times. I'm grateful as hell for the folks who have recently interviewed me or reviewed THE DEPUTY on blogs and websites. I'm afraid if I start posting links, I'll leave somebody out, so please fill up the comments section with links. That would be cool. Also I'm lazy.

I strongly support your choice to purchase your copy of THE DEPUTY any way that seems good to you. So many wonderful people at those indy bookstores out there. (Although nobody has ever treated me shabby at a chain.) But there is a time honored tradition of driving folks to on release day to see if we can budge that rank number, so sure, let's try it. I am grateful as hell for all of you that have ordered the book already. For the rest of you, well, today is the day! If you've been on the fence or have just been waiting for the mood to hit you just right, then I hope now is the time. Please order your copy of THE DEPUTY right here.



Steve Weddle said...

My interview with Mr. Gischler is over here.

Keith Rawson had him here.

And Jedidiah Ayres had him here.

Now go buy the book.

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, Steve. Now I owe you another beer.


Bryon Quertermous said...

Ummm, the Amazon link says's its still for preorder and the Borders website says it's not released until April 30. Say it ain't so!

Victor Gischler said...


Yeah, there are a few glitches in the system, it seems. doesn't have the damn book at all!


Bryon Quertermous said...

Eh, I just went to the Tyrus site and ordered it. No shipping. Sweet.

Craig said...

By the ISBN BN has it, but it lists it as a paperback, and says that its not in stock :(.

I m a little ashamed to mention that I got hooked via your deadpool stuff, and was intrigued enough to read your books. Are the mystery books as funny silly as the other stuff? (PS looking forward to the corps stuff too)

Victor Gischler said...


Don't be ashamed! Lots of humor in my books although not quite the same as deadpool.