Monday, November 14, 2011

The Triumphant Return of EMERSON LaSALLE!

Folks, it's been a long time coming, but at last Emerson LaSalle is back! Pulp legend LaSalle is the author of over 400 novels and 1200 short stories and continued to write up to his death in 2007 when he was fatally mauled by a bear outside his cabin in Calamity, Idaho. LaSalle is famous for saying "technology is ruining science fiction" and embraced the often derided term "sci-fi."

Now, you can introduce yourself to his work with this .99 cent short story "Harry Truman vs The Aliens" available on kindle. Go. Buy. Hurry.

I implore you to give this legend a try. Ignore these reviews, LaSalle has recieved for his work over the years:

"Just ... no." New York Times.

"Wh0?" Locus.

"I feel dirty and betrayed." St. Louis Post Dispatch.

"It is everything that is wrong with Science Fiction." Washington Post.

"On a personal level, I'd like to punch Emerson [LaSalle] in his fucking face." Arthur C. Clarke

"Somehow, LaSalle has taken every mistake every writer has ever made in the history of literature and fit them all into a 5000 word short story. It truly is a miracle of failure." Gore Vidal


Graham Powell said...

I thought that the "I'd like to punch him" quote was from Isaac Asimov. Clarke seems too refined to say "fucking".

Victor Gischler said...

LaSalle has that effect on people, Graham.

Jeff Shelby said...

I'm stunned that his estate is allowing this to occur. The legal battle must've been incredible.