Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat

Hey, folks. People have been giving me books lately. Lots of them. For blurbs or just to check out or often for no reason I can understand at all. I'm not complaining, but it has been hard to get to them all, and I'm swamped as hell.

So when when Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat by Andrez Bergen was brought to my attention I lamented the fact that I just don't have time to read it ... but I probably will when I can clear some time as it seems like my cup of java.

I'm not familiar with Another Sky Press, but both the press and the novel seem well worth investigating. Apparently, the press gives the books away for free or at cost depending on the format, and you can send a contribution to the author if you dig the stuff.

Anyone know anything about these guys? In the meantime, give this book a try and report back. If you've read it, let me know what you think.


Elizabeth said...

Read it, reviewed it, and it was one of my Top 5 Reads of 2011.

Andrez Bergen said...

Cheers, Victor (and Elizabeth!).

unemployed boy said...

Sorry this post has nothing to do with the Goat Book but I love the title.

Baton Rouge:

To track a moke like Gischler I'd have to work the bars-The Friendly ones- Wolvie outside of a Juke Joint knocking in code with a claw-

next panel him crrying 2 pitchers of beer with 6 pint glasses hanging off his claws to a bunch of rowdy frat boys at a Hooters type place

Next panel- him stirring a drink or popping a bottle of wine with a claw for a busty torch singer in a piano bar

Next panel- a claw piercing a $20 being offered up to a stripper

and The Unfriendly ones-

Wolvie's claw flicking the cap of a beer into face of a biker gang

Wolvies claws pinning a lousiville slugger to the bar while he tickles the guys chin with the other claws.

close up of Wolvie claw jammed down the barrel of a 9mm.

they all lead me to the last place on earth I thought I'd find a murderous puss bucket like Gischler- Picture of Wolvie on line for Space Mountain or any of your favorite iconic disney rides....obviously behind behind his prey. Nice that Disney owns marvel now so rights issues should be a non-issue. You should ask about getting an employee discount next time you go.

Sorry to be a pain in the ass about the everday claw ideas but my back is out and I have nothing to do but work the heating pad, suck down muscle relaxants, and drink various coffees from around the world.....which leads to, well, these posts.

Victor Gischler said...

Unemployed boy,

These are pretty good ideas. Sad to say Wolverine is no longer on my X-Men roster. So who knows when I;ll get a chance.

But fun stuff ...

Crabby MC said...

But the chance you will get...


Crabby MC = no longer unemployed boy

PS_ and the whole Disney Mouse love thing?

Andrez Bergen said...

Ahhh, I always was a fan of Wolverine, especially when John Byrne was drawing him in the early '80s.

Crabby MC said...

Sorry Mr. Gischler I am way behind on my comic reading....Who do we have to work with because it certainly wouldn't be that only Wolvie would use his powers for everyday things...strangley i can only think of 3 characters that have ever been depicted using their powers for everyday stuff, Iceman, Human Torch and I believe Spidey has too. Tell me you wouldn't force field wet clothes from the washer to the dryer if you were Sue Storm and my coffee pot would never be empty if I was Dr. Strange.....

John Byrne did a great Wolverine but today's artists like David Finch, Esad Ribic & Chris Bachalo to name a few do some really cool interpretations anything stuff evolves and usually for the better....

Victor Gischler said...

Grabby MC,

Just did a super heroe using his power for a mundane activity ... but you'll have to wait until X-MEn #28!

Crabby MC said...

"Grabby"? "GRABBY!?!?!"

Do you see these claws? This hard shell? MY NAME IS CRABBY and I will pinch thee!

All kidding aside, you have given me a truly special Christmas gift, one that means a whole lot to me and I am greatly in your debt! You ever need a Crustacean Master of Ceremonies for a party DJ or anything from the deep ocean, you just whistle.



Crabby "With a bouncy C" MC.

Crabby MC said...

ps- Let me know if I can buy that page from your artist and make a charitable donation to the organization of his or your choice as a thank you!

Crabby "No more" MC