Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gischler fiction can get you laid!

Recently, I gave a short story away on my blog and the result was the following email from a UK reader:

Hello Victor
Could I have the free pdf of your short story, please?
Glad I found the link to this on Twitter. I bought Shotgun Opera in paperback over here in England a few years back and absolutely loved it.
And here's a story: I got chatting to a foxy chick in a coffee shop about books with great female characters. She wasn't enjoying the book she was reading and so I recommended Shotgun Opera, which I had just finished, and lent her my copy. A week later, she contacted me to return it (she loved the female assassin family) and we ended up spending a pretty fun weekend together.
So from now on, I think all your book covers should include the legend "This man's writing will get you laid"
All the best, keep up the great work.

Steve D

Never have I so accurately hit my target demographic.

Thanks, Steve!


Anonymous said...

This story is 100 per cent true. In the words of Jim Reeves, "I know. I was that soldier."
And I never did get my copy of Shotgun Opera back. Still, I suppose a fair exchange is no robbery ....
Steve D

J. R. McLemore said...

I have to agree with this story as well. My wife will vouch for it, too!

Gerard said...

Manchester Steve, Without photos it didn't happen.