Tuesday, August 13, 2013

KISS ME, SATAN -- order now!

(Pictured: Juan Ferreyra's variant cover. Click to make the bigness.)

Hey, guys!  I've been a lucky fellow since I started writing comics, and I've had the chance to work on some great books.  But at long last my debut CREATOR OWNED book is about to hit shelves.  It's a pulp action fun romp with gritty horror trappings, and it's called KISS ME, SATAN.

So ... the FINAL DAY TO ORDER is August 26.

Readers, if this seems like a book that would caress your enjoyment spot, then do a guy a solid and march into tour local comic shop in the next few days and pre-order.  I'm waiting to spray you down with the karma hose.  (ew.)

Retailers, I'd love for you guys to give this a push if you think it's something your patrons would dig.  Simply toss a copy at them when they walk in the door and scream "YOU JUST BOUGHT THAT."

Thanks for your time.


Tim M said...

Killer looking cover and I know the writing is top notch. Wishing you the best with this.

Gerard said...

a book that would caress your enjoyment spot

I don't use books for that.

So, is this a one-off, single-issue-and-done type thing?

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks, Tim!

Gerard, a four-issue story and then thats it.

Victor Gischler said...

Gerard, oops. Wrong book. This one is actually 5 issues. But a self-contained story in those five issues.

Gerard said...

Thanks. I'll have to track'em down.