Thursday, January 28, 2016


It's been a little over a week since A Painted Goddess was published, completing the epic fantasy trilogy A Fire Beneath the Skin, the story of young Rina Veraiin who is gifted with magical tattoos that give her extraordinary powers.  Three novels full of magic, sword stabbings and steamy romantical whatnot.  Check out the trilogy HERE.

The feedback has been awesome so far, and I am hugely grateful to all my readers.  You guys rock and/or roll.

This is the part of the process where I come to you hat in hand and ask, "If you really liked the books, please consider writing a short honest review."  And I hope you do.  Reviews help authors.  You don't have to do this.  Obviously.  That you read the books is already pretty cool.  So I wouldn't put you on the spot to do more.  But if you felt like leaving a review ...

And a few quick updates:  For those asking if I will return to the world of Helva for more books, yes, I'd love to.  I have PLENTY of ideas.  It just depends on how well this trilogy sells.  Ink Mage sold very, very well.  We're waiting to see if the other two books catch up.  Fingers crossed.  For those asking about a paperback version of A Painted Goddess, the answer is yes.  It's coming in March.  Audio book?  Yes, that's on the way too.

I've enjoyed writing these books immensely.  Again, thanks for reading.


Unknown said...

This trilogy was one of the best I've read in awhile. I would read more about Rina any day of the week this was awesome. Please write another

Carwen Willows said...
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Carwen Willows said...

So I just finished A Painted Goddess. I only found Ink Mage earlier this week.
And I have to tell you, mr. Gischler. I loved Rina's story. I devoured all three books in four days. I should probably quit reading so fast because I'm always disappointed when it ends. I always want more. I'll probably reread the series two or three times because I love the characters, the world, and the story you spun for us readers.
I started the Google search looking to see if there was anymore to the storyline. To see if I could find a hint of what else could exist out there about Helva, Rina, and what she did as a new Goddess. I found this instead, read it all, and then wanted to take a minute to say thank you. Thank you for writing these stories and opening another world of magic that I thoroughly enjoyed and will go back and enjoy again.

writing thesis paper said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. The triology has been fantastic. I have read such a powerful stroy after a long time. Its really interesting and engaging. I look forward to more of these.

Unknown said...

This is fantastic. I absolutely. Loved it. I got my husband and best friend to read it also. I was so sad when it ended and I couldn't read more.

Alix said...

'Best friend' here!! This series was fantastic! The ending has left me hoping you continue to write more on this story. I would love to know just what became of Rina and her newfound... Status.
Also, kudos to the narrator in the Amazon unlimited version. I can't seem to find credit for her, but she did a magnificent job.
This series is on my list of favorites.