Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just a little more pimping to take us thru the weekend

Naturally, I'm hoping readers find my work and enjoy it, but, as always, this is also a good excuse to publicly thank J.A. Konrath and the fine folks at Bleakhouse Books for allowing me to be part of their great anthology These Guns For Hire. I hope they sell a ton of copies and people like my offering "They Always Get You." Other turbo kick-butt stories from David Ellis, Sean Doolittle, M.J. Rose, Paul A. Toth, David Morrell, Reed Farrell Coleman, Ken Bruen and many others make this handsome tome well worth the price. Buy it now, mofos!
I feel like I'm playing catchup on my pimpage and I know the last few anthos I've mentioned are probably old news to most people. New stuff on the way soon. Promise.

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