Saturday, May 31, 2014


                                                        (click image to embiggen.)

Gischler likes getting good things in the mail ... as opposed to bills and anthrax-laced letters.

Above, we see the two covers for issue #1 of Sally of the Wasteland, an irreverent B-movie style post-apocalypse tale set in Southern Louisiana.  It's chock full of wisecracks and mutant monsters.

On the left is the variant cover by Tim Seeley.  On the right is the cover by Tazio Bettin who is also in charge of interior art and colors.

Big thanks to Titan Comics for risking their reputation to publish this thing.

It comes out in July, so there's still plenty of time to harass your local comic shop into ordering you some!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A glimpse of life as a freelancer.

I write for a living.  I am a fortunate guy.  But freelancers are not on what you might call a regular schedule.  Oh, there might be some in our midst who are organized enough to keep to some kind of regular routine, but most of the other freelancers I know often pull second shifts as night.  We pick up the slack on weekends.  Sometimes we even have our vacations interrupted.  Thus do I offer the following image ...

I found this picture while looking through old photos on my Droid.  Those who know me know that I am a fan of Disney.  On a trip a while back, my family and I woke up, bright eyed, ready to ride the rides at a Disney theme park.  As usual I checked my email while drinking my first cup of morning mud.  And there it was.  An email from an editor.  A script needed tweaks.  Now.

So I grabbed my laptop and headed to the park.  Once inside, I bid my family farewell and told them I would catch up with them later.  I found the above spot, plugged in, sat on the ground and tweaked my tweaks.

90 minutes later I was back to my vacation.

Some day I'll tell you which issue of what comic was written entirely on a cruise ship.

Maybe, in the distant future I will have the opportunity to take a vacation and leave my laptop at home. Maybe.

FOR BONUS POINTS: Which Disney theme park am I in in the above pic, and where in the park am I?

It's not that I want all the trees dead ... however ...

When my epic fantasy novel INK MAGE came out last October, it was only available as an eBook on Kindle.  A lot of folks expressed they didn't do the e-thing and would hang around and wait for the paperback.

Now you can get it in paperback RIGHT HERE.