Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

I see I haven't done anything with this blog for quite a while.  And my last post was about Epcot. So this one will be about Animal Kingdom.  If I have only limited time when visiting the mouse, I always hit Epcot.  The World Showcase is my fave place.  I like to eat and drink my way around the nations, catching singers and acrobats and whatever entertainment I happen to stumble upon as I go.

I have almost an opposite feeling for Animal Kingdom. Sort of.  Almost.  Which is to say I don't DISlike the park, but if I have limited time, Animal Kingdom is always the park I cross of my list first.  For starters, the rides are fine but not my favorite.  Kali River Rapids is all well and good, but if you're going to go on this ride, make it the last one of the day.  Walking around a theme park soaked to the bone is no treat. Dinosaur is the single loudest ride I've ever been on.  SO LOUD.  I feel like I was happy to see the various shows.  Once.

Also, there are no boats or monorails that go to that park.  Does this mean the park is too difficult to find?  Not really.  But I'm always more inclined to hop on a monorail than I am to board one of the buses.  I'm not a fan of the buses.  I would probably just drive myself before bothering with a bus ... but, that would mean driving back after having a few beers which is never the best idea.

And at busy times, several bottlenecks form at various crossroads.  On more that one occasion, I've crossed a bridge and found myself at a sudden standstill in a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd.  Maybe I've just always had the bad luck to be there at the wrong time.

But it's the very fact that I've avoided Animal Kingdom for so long that I feel ready to go back.  Also, I'm wondering if I can approach it like Epcot and map out a Drink Around Africa similar to Beers around the World at Epcot.  There do seem to be some cool places to kick back, nurse a beer and people watch.  Examples:

So what do you think, folks?  Should I venture back into Animal Kingdom?  If so, where should I drink/eat?  Where should I start and end?  Tell me the best way to make a day out of this park.