Wednesday, August 26, 2015

THE TATTOOED DUCHESS ... the serial is complete.

Just a heads up fro those who don't like to wait.  The serialization of THE TATTOOED DUCHESS (book 2 in the trilogy A Fire Beneath the Skin) is complete which means that now you can buy it as a COMPLETE novel for your Kindle.  Just click HERE.

Book 2 of the trilogy picks up where Book 1 (Ink Mage) left off and sets us up for the climax of our story in Book 3 ... A Painted Goddess.

If you enjoyed the next chapter in A Fiore Beneath the Skin, I hope you'll consider going to The Tattooed Duchess page on Amazon and leaving a review.  This is really important for the life of the book.


Oh, and if you're not on the Ink Mage bandwagon yet, get the first book here while it's still on sale.  Limited time only.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

KINDLE bargain -- Fantasy Genre edition

Okay, if you have a Kindle or a tablet with a Kindle app, then here's your bargain for August ...

Right now, the first two books of the trilogy A Fire Beneath the Skin are available for super el cheapo!

Book 1 Ink Mage is on sale for 2 tiny dollars for the month of August.  CHEAP!

Book 2 is called The Tattooed Duchess and it's currently being serialized.  When the serialization concludes, the price goes up, so grab it now for a measly 1.99!

That means you can get BOTH novels for less than the price of the last paperback you grabbed while running through the airport.  All proceeds go to a good cause.  (Beer and getting me back to Epcot.)

So get clicking while the cheapness lasts!