Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barry Eisler, Amanda Hocking and a few unanswered questions.

I say "unanswered questions" but possibly they've been answered somewhere, and I just haven't seen it. So if you have the answers to the following questions -- or even good guesses -- feel free to chime in.

Recently, twitter, blogs, etc. were a-buzz with news of authors Barry Eisler and Amanda Hocking. Eisler turned down a traditional publishing deal worth half a million bucks to self-publish. Hocking has parlayed her self-publishing success to grab a sweet traditional publishing deal. But even as these two ships cross in the night, I wonder what , if anything, this information means to me. These authors are pretty high profile. I'm not. But I'm watching this whole kindle thing with interest. I'm not smart enough to know what's going to happen. But I do sense things are changing, and it would be silly not to pay attention and ask a few questions.

Such as ...

What about film rights and foreign rights? As a very non-high-profile author, I've been very pleasantly surprised to have some good luck selling translation rights, and a number of my books are under option, a few even tantalizing close to getting the greenlight. If I'd self-published these book would they have been noticed by Hollywood types? Would they have been picked up for translation. If it sounds like I'm trying to make a point, I'm not. These aren't rhetorical questions. I'm really asking. In a couple of cases, I've actually made much more from subsidiary rights than from the original advances paid by publishers. Not enough for that beach house on Maui, but I was glad for the checks. And if all the pending film projects come to fruition (a HUGE if) it'll officially be the most cash I've ever made in my life. Can we count those chickens yet? Hell no. But the potential dangles out there like a .... uh ... a dangly thing. (I'm a writer!)

Again, I don't think this will matter to authors Like Eisler or self-publishing guru and author J.A. Konrath. But for those of us slinking through the bowels of the midlist ...

Hey, I know. We'll try an experiment. Dear Hollywood producers: Please go here. Bring money.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello, Italy ... Again!

My pals at Meridiano Zero tell me that the Italian edition of The Deputy -- Night of Blood at Coyote Crossing in Italy -- will hit stores March 23. That's only 2 days away! I need to say that I don't just see Meridiano Zero as my great Italian publisher, I also think of them as friends. They work harder than anyone I know to get my name into magazines and newspapers and really spread the word. The reslut is that I feel very welcome and very much at home when I visit Italy and sign books for Italian readers. On top of that, they really believe in my work. The writing itself seems important to them, and in a business often slightly over-concerned with "marketing platforms" that's a pretty cool thing. I consider myself lucky to be hooked up with such a great crew.
UPDATE: I forgot earlier to thank the excellent translator Luca Conti. Tops in the field. Thanks, Luca.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello, Italy !!!

Hello, you wonderful Italian readers. I've had some nice comments come in recently from some of you, and I just wanted to say thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse ... called BLACK CITY in your country. I will come visit you in June and again later this fall. I can't wait!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is another blog post

Seems a little quiet around Blogpocalypse, so I figured I'd better post something to prove I haven't slipped into a coma.

Random tidbits:

Kudos and thanks to director/producer Jake Dickey for renewing the option on the PULP BOY screenplay co-written with pal Anthony Neil Smith. And we're on IMDB now. I really appreciate Jake's hard work and continued faith in the project as he closes in on funding.

The kind folks at Meridiano Zero are publishing the Italian version of THE DEPUTY in less than two weeks. Coolness. I really appreciate my Italian publisher and all those great Italian readers.

Thanks for the kind words on TO THE DEVIL, MY REGARDS the hardboiled poke at the private eye genre ... also co-written with buddy Neil.

Much Marvel Comics doings in the works, but that's hush hush.
So ... what's new with you guys? Anything I shoud know about?