Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is another blog post

Seems a little quiet around Blogpocalypse, so I figured I'd better post something to prove I haven't slipped into a coma.

Random tidbits:

Kudos and thanks to director/producer Jake Dickey for renewing the option on the PULP BOY screenplay co-written with pal Anthony Neil Smith. And we're on IMDB now. I really appreciate Jake's hard work and continued faith in the project as he closes in on funding.

The kind folks at Meridiano Zero are publishing the Italian version of THE DEPUTY in less than two weeks. Coolness. I really appreciate my Italian publisher and all those great Italian readers.

Thanks for the kind words on TO THE DEVIL, MY REGARDS the hardboiled poke at the private eye genre ... also co-written with buddy Neil.

Much Marvel Comics doings in the works, but that's hush hush.
So ... what's new with you guys? Anything I shoud know about?

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