Friday, November 21, 2014

My new thriller STAY coming this summer!

Check out the spiffy new cover of STAY the thriller I wrote for editor and all-around cool dude Brendan Deneen at the Thomas Dunne imprint of St. Martin's Press.  As Macmillan Entertainment has reported on their Facebook page, STAY has "already sold to a major TV network."  Fingers crossed on all that.

(Click image to enlarge.)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

INK MAGE one year anniversary (plus a few days)

I meant to compose this blog post back on October 22, the actual release date of Ink Mage last year, but I've been really busy in the author mines.  Working hard on funny book scripts as well as the next book in the A Fire Beneath the Skin trilogy.

But whatever.  Close enough.

So what have I learned in a year?  I've learned that patience pays off.  I am not naturally a patient person, but I'm trying to do better.  I've wanted to write fantasy since I was a kid.  Decades later, I finally got around to it. It also seemed to take forever and a day to get the green light for the next two books in the trilogy.  Understandably, the publisher wanted to wait and see how well the first book sold.  Again, this is where I needed patience because it's not like all the book flew off the shelf at once.  But readers -- excellent, wonderful, intelligent, good looking readers -- found the book, and they kept on finding it.  Over a year later, people are still finding it.  Many of you are taking advantage of the Kindle Unlimited option.  Some readers are even (gasp!) buying the book in paperback.  What will they think of next?  However you found the book, thanks.  You rock.

But now I find that it is no longer a time of patience and waiting.  It's time to GO GO GO HURRY HURRY HURRY because the deadline for the sequel is coming at my face like a freight train with a coked up Casey Jones at the stick.

It's cool.  I'm on it.

In the meantime, if you haven't quite gotten around to reading the first book, you'll need to do that to be up to speed and ready for the next one.  You can get caught up by clicking HERE.

Oh, and feel free to follow the official Ink Mage blog HERE.  That's where you'll find announcements and whatnot.  Posts will start coming faster when the next book hits.

As for me, back to the mines.  I have sword stabbings to write.