Monday, July 23, 2007

Crime fiction has been Barry Barry good to Sean Doolittle

A number of worthy folks have been nominated for a Barry Award, but I have to give a special shout-out to my homey Sean Doolittle whose novel The Cleanup is one of the nominees. This novel is a great read, and I hope Sean will get the trophy ... or plaque ... or certificate. (I've never won an award, so I don't know.)

Good luck, Sean.


Anonymous said...

The award is a tiny little Barry Manilow doll that, when you pull the string in his back, croons "Mandy."

Which is ironic since everyone knows that's Doolittle's favorite song...

(Clapping all around for Mr. Doolittle)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is dangerous.

Just went to the NYPL and placed Holds on the 3 they have.

When will I have time to READ?!!?

Anonymous said...

I read this book, it rocked and rolled all night! I totally had a movie going on in my head, and had to press pause when I was rudely interupted by the, "Sisters", a group of three Mormon women that knocked on my door so hard, I thought it was the Gestapo....put me in combat mode!