Friday, August 17, 2007

Too much of anything is ... AWESOME!

(A post in which I not only expose my nerdiness but also my lack of technical skill)

Watching a television series can be annoying. Not because the show is bad (although many are) but because you have to wait a whole week between episodes. I've developed the habit of getting entire seasons of shows on DVD and watching as many episodes in a row I can until my eyes blur and I pass out. I did this with the BBC and American versions of The Office, and also one of my favorite shows The Venture Brothers. Also with the World War II program Band of Brothers since I'm too cheap to pay for HBO.

Recently, I began the task of watching every episode of every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yeah. I'm one of those people. I didn't used to be. I actually made fun of my wife Jackie (in a playful way) for watching the show when it originally aired. This is how I got converted:

About six or seven years ago, before my son was born, Jackie went away on a trip with her sister for Thanksgiving. I stayed home alone to enjoy some peace and quiet. I was assigned only one task. Record the 24-hour Thanksgiving Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon on the VCR. Did you know most VCRs allow you to record one channel while watching a completely different channel? Yeah, I knew it too, but I couldn't do what probably any 10 year old kid could. I could not figure how to watch a different channel while recording Buffy. For the first 4 or 5 episodes I walked past the TV, ignoring the high school kids as they battled vampires and demons. About halfway through the marathon, I sat down to eat a sandwich. I didn't get up for three episodes, and I ended up watching every second of the rest of the marathon.

Now Jackie (who is a very smart professor type person at LSU) has been asked to contribute an essay on Buffy to a book on the subject. Thus are we watching all the episodes a again.

I consider myself a Willow fan.


JD Rhoades said...

It's a symptom of just how fucked up Hollywood is that the insanely sexy Alyson Hannigan played the "plain friend of the hot chick" role.

I've been meaning to someday get into Buffy (the series, you pervs), but just haven't found the time.

Marcus Sakey said...

Hey Victor, I suspect I know the answer, but I gotta ask--seen Firefly?

If not, rent/buy it now. Today. This second. If you don't like it, I'll buy it from you at cost.

Some day I'm going to meet Joss Whedon and convince him to get drunk and talk technique with me. I don't want to go fanboy--though I probably would a little--I want to take apart his head and look inside.

Victor Gischler said...


I was really hoping for the Willow/Alyson Hannigan spin-off show. Alas ...


I liked Firefly and wish Fox had given it a chance. I haven't gotten around to seeing the film yet.

I'd like to get Joss Whedon drunk too ... so he'll option GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCALYPSE and make a series out of it.


Steve Allan said...

Love Willow, but have always identified with Xander for some reason. Have you been reading the season 8 comic? Very good.

I'm a closet browncoat too. The Firefly movie kicked major ass. Whedon needs to make a new tv series, preferably with Kristen Bell. hhmmm...Veronica... me likey. Is that too creepy?

JD Rhoades said...
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JD Rhoades said...

Victor: Steve speaks truth. Serenity, the Firefly movie, kicks major ass. Get it. Get it now. Much is explained.

Anonymous said...

Buffy rules. My husband and I still use some of the slang in our everyday conversations-that's when you know you're a true nerd.

The question, Victor, is have you seen every episode of Angel yet?

Victor Gischler said...


Since posting about Buffy, you're the 200th person to bring up the Angel show.

I'll ask the boss (i.e. my wife) if we should start on Angel after Buffy.


Anonymous said...

Too cheap to relent and sign up for HBO? It's nice to know I am not alone. ... Stay tough. Resist the societal pressure. There's more than enough crap (which I enjoy) on basic cable.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

Ruth and I dropped cable all together.
We still watch TV but one show at a time all the way through a season.
Right now we're halfway through 5 seasons of Smallville.

I enjoyed Angel almost more than Buffy.

And Firefly rocks. I loaned my set to Sean Chercover but he has some lame excuse about writing a book first or something.

GET TORCHWOOD when it's available here. It is the best TV I've seenin a long time except maybe Life On Mars.