Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back from Bouchercon

Well ... I lost the Anthony Award.

On the other hand, I did ride a horse straight up a mountain.


Graham Powell said...

I'm not saying that riding a horse straight up a mountain isn't a notable achievement - but you will win one of these awards someday.

Ray Banks said...

Technically, it doesn't look like you're riding that horse. More like that horse is letting you sit on it while it fills its boots on delicious bushes. But seeing as it's closer than I've come to riding a horse up a mountain, I can't fail to be impressed.

Anonymous said...

Should I start yelling "Fix! Fix!"?

You're tops in my book.

Victor Gischler said...


Thanks, man. Maybe some day.


As you can see from the photo, I actually was sleeping and then woke up on the horse. No idea how I got there.


Ha. No fix. All fair and square.

Hey, maybe next time.


Karen Olson said...

You look sort of like Tony Soprano on the horse in that leather jacket :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry on the award--but as Graham said, some day.

Mountains...horses...scenery, all fine--but really, what about the beer?

Jen Jordan said...

The beer was fantastic as were the reindeer sausages...