Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kind of quiet around here ...

So I'm actually fairly busy, at work on some projects, etc. But it sure does seem quiet around here. Cricket sounds coming from the inbox. Let's get a little chatter going. How about some suggestions? Movies I should see? Books I should read? Beers I should drink? Let's hear it, folks. Wake me up. The caffeine just isn't doing it this morning.


Kent said...

I just watched the old Sterling Hayden and Charles Buchinski (Bronson) flick CRIME WAVE and that was really great.

I also read and would suggest the collection of Ed McBain's pre-Ed McBain short stories, Learning To Kill.

Last but not least, any word you can share on that novella you wrote? The one with muscle cars.

Yeah, I'm asking again. It's been awhile.

Anonymous said...


Consider "The Last King of Scotland" on DVD. Maybe it's just me, but that movie took me by surprise--not what I expected at all. Very noir, Faustian tale. And vicious? Oh so. I will not look at duty free liqour shops the same way again.


John DuMond said...

Did you see 28 Days Later or Layer Cake? Those are two really good movies from the UK. Also, to build on Kent's Sterling Hayden theme, there's an old movie he did with Frank Sinatra called Suddenly. It's hard to find, but a pretty good flick. Sinatra plays an assassin planning to kill the President. Rumor has it that Oswald took inspiration from this movie. The DVD is a little hard to find, but worth the effort.

Fred Blosser said...

Two almost-great Richard Harris westerns in a new $15 twofer-DVD package -- THE DEADLY TRACKERS (very violent Lukas Heller script, Harris as a lawman who goes Dirty Harry when his wife and son are killed by outlaws, with Al Lettieri as a good guy, Rod Taylor as an exceptionally vile bad guy, and Neville Brand and William Smith as Taylor's henchmen) and MAN IN THE WILDERNESS, Harris as a mountain man who gets mauled by a grizzly and left for dead by his friends ... some of the very best Panavision outdoor cinematography ever.

pattinase (abbott) said...

IN BRUGES just came out on DVD. Really outstanding. Also Touchez pas au grisbi (Don't Touch the Loot) French from 1954.

Victor Gischler said...

Good stuff guys.

Anything with Sterling Hayden catches my attention since I'm a big DR.STRANGELOVE and ASPHALT JUNGLE fan. Even JOHNNY GUITAR was strangely interesting.

IN BRUGES and LAYER CAKE has been on my radar screen for a while, so I should maybe get busy on those.

Suggestions for westerns I haven't seen are always pure gold as isanything noir and Faustian.

Man ... I consider myself something of a movie buff, yet there's so many I haven't seen.


Still waiting for things to fall into place with the muscle car book.

And waiting ... and waiting.


Kent said...

I hear you on the movies. Every time I think I've got all the essentials covered, I come across or someone turns me onto a whole bunch I've yet to enjoy.

As for the muscle car book, well, looks like I'll go on waiting, too.

Jeff Shelby said...

"Beers I should drink?"

All of them.

Unknown said...

the Dawn Patrol by Don Winslow is a fast paced read and goes well with a nice light Summer ale

Old Flames by Jack Ketchum is also equally fast paced but does require a headier beverage

Severance Package from Duane Can't-pronounce-his-name has been quite satisfying and goes well with a nutty stout.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

Mannix is out on DVD

Jesus Hates Zombies is a really fun graphic novel from Alterna Comics.

The new John Connolly is damn good.

Karen Olson said...

Just finished a little book called SUICIDE SQUEEZE...you might know of that one? (Great stuff BTW)

Also read Richard Price's LUSH LIFE, a definite must read.

Movies? Last one I saw at the theater was ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS. But hoping to see GET SMART this weekend.

CrimeNerd said...

I'll second In Bruges and the new Richard Price and add Allan Guthrie's Savage Night to the list. Not as awesome as Hard Man was last year but what possibly could be?

Wade said...

Am reading the Lew Griffin series by James Sallis. Incredible writing. It's gritty but his writing is so eloquent. I hang on every word. The series deserves all the credit that it has been given.

I also finished Severance Package. Great thrill ride!

Zipped through Tom Piccirilli's Fever Kill. Great breakthrough noir piece. I loved his other work but his intro into noir has been fantastic.

Am REALLY looking forward to Go Go Girls as I've read all your other stuff. I can't wait! Comes out on July 8th?

Victor Gischler said...

Damn, these are all mighty fine suggestions. (except for SUICIDE SQUEEZE. Come on, Karen ...)

Already blasted through SEVERANCE PACKAGE and quite enjoyed it. (I say this at the risk of being accused of being in a clique.)

Wade, yes GO-GO hits July 8th. I have no fingernails left to bite.


John DuMond said...

July 8th, that's good news. I was beginning to fear that "Apocalypse" was actually the release date.