Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Guerrilla Marketing 101

GischlerCorp's operative in Annapolis, Kieran, reported the following in the backblog of a previous post:

OK. My take on Guerrilla Marketing 101. So, I loped by Barnes & Noble in Annapolis today and there it was— five gleaming, perfect bound copies. I snatched up one and remembered I needed to get a baguette and some coffee at the market next door—so I figured I’d grab my copy on my way back. On my way out I strategically placed the copy in the sweet spot “New & Noteworthy” near the front. Maybe someone would pick it up while I was shopping. Yeah. You guessed it. When I returned it was gone! I checked the sci-fi aisle to see if some bitter drone reshelved it, but no. Four copies. So, yeah. I did it again. Color me a shifty bastard.

Bravo, agent Kieran. GischlerCorp will be moving you to upper-management on the 40th floor. All operatives are directed to follow this example. Let OPERATION SHIFTY BASTARD commence.


Anonymous said...

This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated. Any customers caught relocating books will be pulped and used to make life-sized cutouts of Dan Brown.

Barnes and Noble Management

Karen Olson said...

I noticed over the weekend that someone other than a family member had actually put my books face out at my local B&N. Sweet.

I received GO GO yesterday! Two days earlier than predicted by the Amazon people. Sometimes it really is Christmas in July.

Victor Gischler said...


Remember, if you love the book, spread the word far and wide.

If you hate the book ... still spread the word far and wide that you love the book.


Well, seriously, thanks for giving it a shot.


Anonymous said...

I'm giving it a shot - I've loved every book that you've written,and hey, with a title like this one, how can one miss? I'm in - I bought mine at the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ this weekend. We hope you'll stop by there sometime, Victor!

Jay W.