Sunday, November 30, 2008

The To Be Read Pile and maybe a Private Eye Novel

The to-be-read pile is out of control. ARCs, manuscripts, books of all kinds and genres. I'm finding it hard to keep up, especially with my reading time shrinking and shrinking, so much other stuff sucking away my time, comic books to write and edit, minor tinkering on a screenplay, and an outline due for a novelization project. But, hey, gotta make the time to read. Right?

I feel like I'm in the mood for a private eye novel, and there just happens to be one in the stack -- Swann's Last Song by Charles Salzberg. This is a debut and was sent to me by Five Star quite a while ago. I'm going to dive in. Anyone out there read this one yet? No spoilers please.


Charles Salzberg said...

Happen to read this, Victor, and since I'm the guy who wrote Swann's Last Song,I hope you do read it and enjoy it.

Brian Lindenmuth said...

I have a copy Victor but unfortunately I haven't jumped into it yet.