Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank You, Publisher's Weekly

From PW:

Vampire a Go-Go Victor Gischler. Touchstone, $14.99 paper (288p) ISBN978-1-4165-5227-7

Gischler (Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse) populates a world of intriguewith supernatural creatures in this highly entertaining novel. AllenCabbot is saved from flunking out of graduate school by the extremelydifficult Prof. Evergreen, who invites him to join a research projectin Prague. Almost immediately, Allen finds himself tangling with Battle Jesuits, a Society of Witches and a vampire, and he learns that Evergreen’s real goal may be the philosopher’s stone. The feisty ghostof 16th-century alchemist Edward Kelley serves as narrator,complaining about the picture on his Wikipedia entry while explainingthe history behind Allen’s adventure. While the characters lack depth,even the villains are approachable and likable. Dan Brown fans whodon’t mind a little humor and magic mixed into their thrillers willenjoy this charming tale. (Sept.)



Anonymous said...


The man who opened a novel by killing a man with an exploding cream puff wrote something charming?


Victor Gischler said...

Oh, it's charming. It's charming as a mofo!


Mike Knowles said...

I thought the book and the review were both charming. I also thought the image below of Deadpool holding up a zombified severed head was delightful.

c nadeau said...

aww, VG wrote something to warm the cockles of our hearts :)