Sunday, April 18, 2010

REMINDER: free film option contest

Hey folks, just a reminder that June 1 is coming soon, and that's the deadline to send me your pitch to option one of my short stories to make a feature film. And by "pitch" I simply mean your plan. Are you going to write a script? Are there producers you know personally that you want in on the project? Do you plan to borrow you mom's old camcorder and film it in your basement. The contest is open to anyone and you can find details in my original post.

Why am I doing this? Because surprisingly often filmmakers or would-be filmmakers contact me about optioning one of my novels but don't really have the money to make it happen. (My most popular novels are already optioned anyway.) So I find myself saying "no" a lot. Offering my short stories for the contest is a way to say "yes."

If everyone who has sent questions about the particulars and parameters of the contest actually follows through with an entry, I think we'll have a goodly number of participants.

Good luck.

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