Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Debut Novelist Steve Ulfelder's PURGATORY CHASM

Hey folks. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of Ulfelder's debut novel Purgatory Chasm, so I thought I;d give it a shot out here at Blogpocalypse. It's a great read, and Ulfelder seems like a writer who's been doing it for years rather than a first time rookie.

From the back cover: "Our Hero Conway Sax, a smart-talking former alchoholic who owes everything he's got to the Barnburners, the Alchoholics Anonymous group who saved him. So when they have a problem, he fixes it. When obnoxious, blowhard Barnburner Tander Phigg gives him a call, Conway reluctantly agrees to help. But then Tander turns up dead, and Conway becomes the cops' top suspect. He needs to catch the killer, not only to clear himself, but because he's also the type of guy to honor his promises, even whern the guy he made them to is dead. Conway Sax isn't a hired gun, or a sophisticated urbanite; He's just a car mechanic trying to make his way."

If you enjoy the "regular guy as hero" type story, then give this one a try.

And check out Steve Ulfelder's website for more info.


threaza said...

Sorry to put this here but I got XM #10 last week.

I didn't expect it to be an Emma/Spidey payoff but I liked it. I usually don't get to read Emma (because I don't read UXM) so it was nice reading her (and especially as Scott's not around-- bonus).

Spidey was cute and Emma was great:)

I don't like the PR stuff the X-Men are doing because they're harbouring a mutant terrorist right now so I can't take the PR stuff seriously. But, that's not to do with XM.

For XM, this was a fun arc.

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks, Threaza. It was fun writing it!