Monday, June 27, 2011



The Groovy Agent said...

I'd sworn off Marvel. After Nearly 40 years as a Marvel fanatic, a card-carrying charter member of FOOM, I'd vowed to stop buying Marvel Comics. I've kept that vow for just over a year.

Since I devoured your GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCALYPSE and VAMPIRE A-GO-GO, today I finally broke down and bought the X-MEN: WITH GREAT POWER one shot collecting X-Men 7-9.

I guess I'll be buying Marvel Comics again.

At least when YOU write 'em.

Darn you to heck...

Victor Gischler said...

Dear Groovy:

While I generally hate to come between a person and his solemn vow, I am humbled by and grateful for your words of praise. Since you've fallen off the wagon anyway, I hope you stick around a while and enjoy the X-goodness.

Thanks again. You made my day.