Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December. Don't wait until the last minute for your last-minute shopping!

Okay. It's the season of giving, and I want your money.

Wait. That didn't come out right. What I mean to say is, hey, why not give the gift of Gischler this year? It's easy and fun and just a few clicks away. Some examples:

G0-Go Girls of the Apocalypse is the first of my novels ever to be turned into an audio-book, so for the loved one in your life too lazy to turn pages click here.

But maybe that's a little expensive. Hey, you can still get THE DEPUTY on kindle for FREE if you're an Amazon Prime member. Non-members only pay 6.99 and the "give as a gift" button makes it an easy choice for last minute gift-giving.

Or you can really go low budget with my very early work THREE ON A LIGHT. Mmmmm, smell the cheapness.

So why not inflict some Gischler on folks this season. They "deserve" it.


Crabby MC said...

Dear Mr. Gischler:

I just wanted to tell you that I love your work on the x-men. You combine nuanced storytelling with humor and keep the pacing perfect for a fun time read. I caught a line in "with Great Power" where Wolverine jokes about opening a pickle jar with his claws and another where Spidey calls them Shrimp Skewers. I laughed outloud because I have always wanted to see him use his claws for everyday uses as well as beheading Magneto. If you can ever work in a visual of him popping a beer open with them for someone in a bar he wants to intimidate, or using them as skewers during an x-man barbecue or to let a little kid play ring toss, or in lieu of a pool stick or any visual like that I would be forever in your debt. Your work in comics has convinced me to start reading your novels. Thanks for all the enjoyment your clever and talented writing has given me.

Victor Gischler said...

Unemployed boy:

Thanks for stopping buy and for your kidn words.

And you've given me some good ideas for those Wolverine claws.

Crabby MC said...

Don't tease a a Fanboy now-

promise you'll lmk if you ever do work in a quirky or series of quirky everday uses for adamantium claws into one of your books, and no I wouldn't be mad if you sent a signed copy of you do......

You really do combine storyline depth with nice twists, humor, pacing, and comic book sensibilities...

I'm no longer unemployed, so I'll be swinging by the comic book shop tonight to buy your dracula one shot and anything else of yours i may have missed. With Authors like you and David Liss working for them, Marvel is really hitting new heights.

Gerard said...

I was scanning through all the comics at a Barnes and Noble for Gischler written items. I was going to get the one I found until Boy #1 knocked my coffee out of my hand and onto a couple Archie digests.

Everything turned out okay because Boys #1 and #2 both liked the digests.