Thursday, April 5, 2012

Buy this! (Or Hulk SMASH!!!)

A heads up that this is available now.  Run to your local comic shop and just throw a wad of money on the counter.


Gerard said...

I don't know. I bought DEATH OF DRACULA and it has only checked out once.

It's difficult to get people to recognize genius.

Crabby MC said...

things I Iearned on vacation in orlando and at disney this week-

1- If you confront 3 drunken frat boys who are screaming bloody murder in you rhotel at 3:30 in the morning you should wear a shirt
2- If your kid vomits on the sheets at 2:30 at night security, not house keeping will bring you the wrong sized sheets by knocking on your door and shouting "security" then come back a second time with the right sized ones and still shout "security" when knocking on your door the second time..even whne you've told them your kid is sick and you are trying to get him back to sleep.
3- That someone will always cut a line and sometimes that someone will be 4 wannabe jersey shore cast members and other times it will be a whole family of lard assess who I watched duck under one of the bus fences and waddle for a 2nd bus because they were too tired of waiting for a handicapped lady to be strapped into the first bus that they would have been on anyway. Way to teach the next generation of selfish fat asses Paw.
4- that at some point you will get in a long line with someone else who will bump into you every time the line moves forward even if that line does it a hundred times in the hour long wait for the buzz ride. I have found this to be proof that some people don't mind rubbing their 60 year old saggy boobs on your back repeatedly to the point that you want to go all Gischler on them.
5- That America's obesity problem is no myth
6- That the cups behind the cashiers at disney are in lock down mode so that grabbing the garbage can is a much better option when your kid is about to puke in the cafeteria
7- That a kid with a broom will look at you funny when you say to him "here is the bucket my kid just puked in, sorry but you have to deal with it" He will then look to his manager who will agree with you.
8- That there are many many people who should not be tattooing other people because they lack the requisite skill to do so properly
9- I know we are not supposed to generalize but I can state unequivocally that I would rather be surrounded by a ton of (Nationality removed to avoid offending anyone in these politically correct times) people rather than a ton of (Nationality removed to avoid offending anyone in these politically correct times) people in an amusement park setting..
10- For a place that preaches healthy living and taking care of our mother earth with bad phil collins ballads, disney offers few healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner options for kids, has almost nothing but soda as part of their free refillable cup plan, and has no discernible recycling cans in their dining room........

Yeah I'm Crabby

Victor Gischler said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself, Crabby!

Crabby MC said...

strangely I did......Tower of Terror- Everest Expedition- Kalli River- Aerosmith ride- shows- all good

and I thought you might like the phrase "going all Gischler on them"

Victor Gischler said...

Crabby, I've experienced everything you mentioned ... but i'm such an old hand at "doing disney" by now that I know how to keep those problems to a minimum.

I am glad you had a good time. The Aerosmith rollercoaster is awesome.