Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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anca said...

Good issue sir.

The thing about epiphanies is that you'll have to stick to them.

P.S. That Morgan lady should keep her claws away from Buffy's Spike

Anonymous said...

Loved the issue, you got Spike perfectly again and his inner musings show some real progress coming along with some very interesting themes.

I'm not feeling really happy about the potential Succubus side with Morgan and am hoping this doesn't get tacky(!), he only just left the woman he loves. At least if she does try to 'get it on' in his dreams he won't be literally physically manipulated through seduction. Lets hope the bugs will save him from the tramp!!

James said...

Really enjoyed it.
I was wondering if you know how well the first issue sold, and whether it met or exeeded Dark horses hopes. I'm not asking for specific numbers just a general idea.
And if Dark horse were to greenlight a full Spike series would you be interested in writing it.
Thanks for another great issue

Veiriti said...

Great issue! I absolutely enjoyed it! You're voicing Spike very well! I loved Spike's witty banter to the Sushi demon! LOL And Spike's thoughts about the home. Poor Spike! And I wish you were doing the main Buffy title, if you capture other voices as well as you have Spike's voice!
Loved the bugs! Sebastian is my favorite!
And I liked Morgan entrance, she does look like the succubus Bo from Lost Girl. She probably would be an interesting character, but as Anca she has to keep his claws, nails and tail away of Spike! ;)
Loved and Perl&Nash entrance! I cannot wait for the next issue!

Anonymous said...

No offence, Mr Gischler, but any chance that this Morgan and the bugs can be gone by the end of the mini series?

The bugs are cute and all (I've enjoyed them way more in the Spike mini than in the Buffy book), but spaceships just don't belong in the Buffyverse and the whole set up with the bugs and the ship just serves to isolate Spike from everyone else again. They (and Morgan) are no substitute for interaction with Buffy and the scoobies.

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys. I really appreciate it.

As for questions about Bugs and Morgan etc. ... well ... you know how it is. I don't think the editors would be too pleased if I gave anything away.

But I do remember the first time I saw the bugs and the Bug Ship, I thought, "Whaaaaaa?" But so far they've been great fun to write!

Kaz said...

I liked this issue.Lots of good dialogue and less comedic than the first issue. I'm a bit wary of the depiction of women in comics, with their impossible body types that you often see. I know that Brian Lynch got some criticism about Spike's demon lady followers on that score, for 'After the Fall.'(Maybe unfairly). Morgan kind of walks the line on this score,for me, but bearing in mind she is a succubus so I suppose she's got to look sexy, I'm sort of ok with it. I loved the bugs deciding to rescue Spike despite their fears that they care more for him than vice versa. That was heroic of them. Looking forward to the next issue to see what Pearl and Nash are up to.

Victor Gischler said...


In one of the previous blog posts about a Spike cover showing Morgan, a female reader says something along the lines of "Finally, a woman with hips." So I think a lot of people feel the same way about wanting to see a variety of body types represented.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, well she looks rather different on the cover to 3 than she does in issue 2 itself. On the cover she is far more hip than breast heavy (overtly so really) whereas in the issue's panels she was far, far more a stereotypical comic female (huge boobs and a far typical facial 'look') I'm afraid.

There seems to be more people bothered by the possibly cheap angle of the succubus than are pleased by it from the responses that I have seen in fandom. I have been impressed by the writing of this mini though so my hope is that you have a clever storyline for her that subverts rather than meets the low sexual exploits galore expectations that a lot of fans have. I always tend to expect more the unexpected than the obvious from the Buffy related comics so I will be waiting with anticipation for issue 3.

Anonymous said...

James - http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/23854.html



ANGEL & FAITH #13 - 16,453

It will be interesting to see how issue 2 goes down. The drop in BtVS (close to 2k since issue 9) may be, in part, due to the dissatisfaction of Spike being out of Buffy's title and a currently weak arc. Same for A&F (even with Willow in). Going by fan discussions, it looks as if the mini sales may be greatly affected by how the Morgan storyline pans out. I think DH may well be weighing up a Spike spin off but personally I would rather see Mr G writing the main Buffy title with Spike in it for Season 10 (+ Paul Lee still doing the art too).

Mr G, As Veiriti says, if you are able to capture the other voices as excellently as you are doing with Spike it would be amazing to see you do the main title next season (as long as you were keeping Spike with you!!). Would you be interested if they asked? *looks hopeful*

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks for that info, anonymous. Naturally, I hope for more sales rather than fewer, but for me the best strategy is still to focus on the writing and let the publisher worry about numbers.

And thanks for your faith about my ability to do the main title. I don't make those decisions but it would certainly be cool.