Saturday, November 24, 2012

This is long overdue ...

I've been remiss in thanking a couple of lovely people.  I met Marco Piva-Dittrich and Solveig Dittrich-Piva for the first time at the SugarPulp Festival in Padova, Italy a couple of years ago.  (In addition to being lovely, Marco is a great translator and handled SHOTGUN OPERA for the Italian market.)

Anyway ...

I was wandering around my house and lost my coffee cup.  It's not a big house, but I do this quite often. I set my cup on a shelf or something.  Sometimes I find it in 2 minutes ... other times a week later.

I tweeted (on Twitter) that I'd lost my coffee cup.  Some days later the mailman brought the cup you see pictured above.  (Ignore the Pokemon.)  Yes, Marco and Solveig were responsible.

A very nice surprise.  You two are tops!

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SDP said...

we love you too - you are a coffee-junkie, you have german roots, you are funny and a great human being