Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New hardboiled pulpy goodness for your Kindle and Nook thingies.



As the name of La Case's new Popcorn imprint might indicate, they are specializing in fast, pulpy down and dirty reads in eBook form. I was thrilled to write one for them.  Big Stupid is about a dumbass redneck named Payne who teams with a huge black dude who is a little slow ... or is he?  They call him Big Stupid.  Payne and Big Stupid are trying to find some stolen cash from an armored car heist.  Things go bang.  It's set in Baton Rouge and New Orleans and ... oh ... did I mention that all of this is happening as a Cat-4 hurricane is coming straight for them?  Yeah.  That.

If you're aching for a fast, pulpy read, then give BIG STUPID a try.

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