Saturday, November 23, 2013

INK MAGE ... so far.

We're well into the third installment of INK MAGE, my epic fantasy novel being serialized by Amazon Publishing's 47North imprint, and this seemed like a good time to check the box score and answer some frequently asked questions.

1. I don't like waiting for the next installment, will it be collected into a "normal" book that I can read all at once?

Gischler says -- Yep.  The serial installments come out every 2 weeks, but once that's all said and done, the book will "graduate" to a novel that comes all in one nice package.  But keep in mind, the price might go up a few bucks.  I suggest buying the serial, ignore it for now, and then when it's all collected on your kindle, start reading!

2. You new fangled kids and your "eReaders."  Bah.  Why can't it just be a regular old-fashioned paperback?

Gischler says -- We hear you, mighty Luddite.  Again, once the book graduates, it'll be available is a sturdy trade paperback made of actual paper.

3. INK MAGE is awesome and you are the new master of the genre and I want to give you a back rub, but are there going to be sequels?  Everyone knows these fantasy things come in trilogies.

Gischler says -- INK MAGE is written to be a satisfactory stand-alone read, but it also leaves a few doors wide open, encouraging us to revisit the Duchy of Klaar and the Kingdom of Helva again.  That's largely up to you fine people, how many good reviews the novel gets, how many copies sold, etc.  But it sure would be cool to give Rina a chance to collect some more interesting tattoos .

4. Hey, there is somebody in my life important enough to get a cheap gift, but not so important that I want to leave my house and go shopping.  What are my options?

Gischler says -- Go to the INK MAGE page on and look for the "Give as a Gift" button up in the corner.  You know what to do from there.

So far, there has been a smattering of discussion in the Amazon forum about Ink Mage, and it's all positive.  That means a lot to me.  And we're out of the gate with eleven 5-star reviews versus two 1-star reviews ... one for "foul language" (what the fuck?) and one from a guy who doesn't like the serial format.  So ... not bad so far.  As I've mentioned before, these Amazon pub books are big on feedback and reviews directly from readers.  Not a lot of attention in Booklist and Publisher's Weekly and the normal review places.  So anyone who leaves me some stars and some feedback ... well, you're tops in my book.  Thanks.

In the comments section, feel free to ask any questions I didn't cover above ... or make any comment you like.


Victor Gischler said...

Oops. Forgot one. To readers outside the USA, yes Ink Mage will be available in your neck of the woods ... eventually. Not exactly sure when but yes.

Michael R. said...

How can i get color copies of the Ink Mage Maps?