Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Of sequels and serials: THE TATTOOED DUCHESS

THE TATTOOED DUCHESS is Book 2 of the trilogy A FIRE BENEATH THE SKIN and launches today!  Book 1 was INK MAGE, so you'll need that first, I guess.

But for the thousands of readers who've already read Ink Mage, it's time to come back for more adventures with Duchess Rina Veraiin and all of her friends in THE TATTOOED DUCHESS.  Remember, the book is being delivered in serial form, with a new episode hitting your Kindle each week.  Once you plunk down your 1.99, you don't have to do anything else or pay any more.  The episodes arrive automatically. AS IF BY MAGIC!!!!    ahem.

Anyway ...

Lots of readers enjoy the anticipation of a new episode hitting their Kindle each week.  Others .. not so much.  They'd rather read on uninterrupted.  For those readers, I suggest, getting in on the super cheap 1.99 price and then simply letting the episodes accumulate before you begin reading.  Obviously, you can wait until the serial runs it's course and then buy it on Kindle as a complete book, but by then the price will have gone up a few bucks.

Also, we all know how the Amazon game works, and I'd love a lot of people to buy the book today (or as soon as possible) to kick that Amazon ranking right in the nut sack.

And for paperback lovers, don't worry.  Once the serial has run it's course on Kindle, we can offer you an actual physical paperback in October.

Okay.  Thanks for listening.  You guys rock.