Thursday, June 30, 2016


There is actually no point at all to this blog post except to talk about Epcot.  Why?  Because I like Epcot.  It's really that simple.  It's my favorite of the Disney parks in Orlando.  My good pal author Anthony Neil Smith tells me Epcot is his least favorite park because it is woefully out of date and showing it's age.  I don't completely agree with this, but I do see his point when I'm over by the 3D show (are they still reviving Captain Eo?) and that terrible Figment imagination ride.  So, yeah, I get it.

But the reason I love Epcot more than the other parks (although I like them too) is that as I am now squarely into middle age (which may or may not have anything to do with it) I find that I am much more about relaxation and entertainment than I am about rides.  I mean, I like the rides, and I wouldn't want to leave Epcot without hitting Test Track and Soarin', but I'm much more keen to wander at a slow crawl around the World Showcase with a beer in my hand, taking in the entertainment.

I was sorry to hear that Canada's rock-n-roll bagpipe and kilt band (I don't remember their actual name) had moved on.  Used to love those guys.  But there is still plenty of good entertainment opportunities around the World Showcase.  A mariachi band in Mexico sounds a little corny and cliché, but why not while you're enjoying a cold Mexican beer?  In China they have acrobats.  There are street performers in the UK and a British Invasion band at the rear of the pavilion.  The band shell across from the American Experience usually has something going on.  The Japanese drum show is cool.  I like to start around lunch time, make an afternoon of it, and then finish before the wave of evening tourists. Staying through dinner is a good option, but often I leave before then.

And when Epcot hosts the Food & Wine Festival, you can crank the whole experience up to eleven.

The last time I was in Epcot I was all by myself (I was there to run a 5k) so I eased through the World Showcase at my own pace, taking it in at my leisure and NOT standing in line for an hour for rides.  So ... like I said.  No real burning need for this blog post. No amazing insights.  I just like Epcot.


A Chaos Fairy said...

I haven't been there since I was a kid...70s? LOL

Victor Gischler said...

I think Epcot opened in ... 1982? To be honest, as a kid I found it slightly dull. Not enough rides. As an adult, the World Showcase is my fave place to decompress.

Anonymous said...

I went to Disney World before Epcot was even finished. My parents and I liked it better than the cartoon character side. We went back many times after that and always liked Epcot the best.
I really like Sea World too but they are unaffiliated with Disney.

Victor Gischler said...

I used to live in Central Florida, so we watched Epcot being built and anticipated it greatly. maybe too much. ha ha. But I definitely like it MUCH more as an adult.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Victor Gischler said...

Uh ... I see.

Tom B said...

I didn't see a post from you about it, so I'll ask here - how bad was the flooding in Baton Rouge for you? I hope you were in a spot that didn't get hit hard.

Victor Gischler said...


I was in a VERY lucky area of town. No flooding for us.

Thanks for asking.