Thursday, August 16, 2018

Yes, this is a commercial. (I'm so sorry.)

A lot of people consider it low class when authors are constantly pimping their own books.  Yup.  I get it.  And I try not to put people on the spot.  On Twitter or Facebook when I link to Amazon, it's usually because my publisher is offering the book for a low price, and I want people to be aware of a bargain.  I try not to shove the books into people's faces, screaming BUY BUY BUY.

On the other hand ...

I have no "day job."  Writing is how I earn a living.  So once and a while it behooves me to make this simple, sincere request:  Looking for a book?  Please try one of mine.

Rather than bombard you with everything I've ever written, please consider the sampling below.

INK MAGE is epic fantasy, swords and wizards and all that ... but also a young female protagonist whose magical tattoos give her special powers.  The first book of a trilogy.

THE DEPUTY is hardboiled crime with a noir edge.  A young, part-time deputy in rural Oklahoma finds himself in over his head.

GUN MONKEYS.  My first novel.  Nominated for an Edgar Award.

KISS ME, SATAN.  Today's graphic novel offering.  The screenplay adaptation is currently making the rounds.

Okay.  Cool.  Thanks for listening.