Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On Blogging (Or ... just what the hell do I think I'm doing here?)

Hello, and welcome.

From the theme of the first few posts on this blog, some smart cookies out there have correctly guessed that maybe Uncle Vic is building up to some sort of announcement. Stay tuned.

Yes, this is yet another author blog, and I will, as mandated by international law, be pimping myself and my buddies. Yet, I hope the blog will be a bit more than that. A daily outlet for random silliness. A way to connect with the cyber-community. A key instrument in procrastination when I should be writing. All the usual suspects.

But I don't claim to know what this blog is going to be exactly. I don't claim to have (or want) the authority to give you the low-down on the publishing industry. Any advice I might give you on writing would be the same general stuff you've heard already. (And without your poem or story in my hands, how could we possibly go into specifics?) Politics? No thanks. Lemurs? It's been done.

So feel free to write with comments or questions. Poke the blog with a stick. Kick the tires.


p.s. I apologize for using the phrase "smart cookies."


Neil said...

What's your position on muffulettas? I prefer cold.

Anonymous said...

If you saw a giant inflatable penis in a bar in, say, Omaha - what would you do?

(You said to ask questions...)

John DuMond said...

Are you going to post a review of the Transformers movie on your blog? Are you even going to see the Transformers movie? And why in the hell are they even making a Transformers movie anyway?

Victor Gischler said...


Cold. With a cold bottle of Dixie Beer on the side.


In Omaha? Watch the fun and sing along to "Livin' on a Prayer." Anywhere else, back away slowly.


No, I don't plan to see the Transformers movie ... but I WILL review it.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid of what I might catch if I poke this with a stick. So maybe I'll just sing Livin' on a Prayer from here in Michigan and watch the fun.

Daniel Hatadi said...

So ... anyone ever tried shaving their teeth?

Anonymous said...

Well, I know where babies come from now, but maybe you could tell me where they go when I set them on fire?

Anonymous said...

No women have posted on this yet? For shame.

Do you still have your shotgun?

Victor Gischler said...


Good point. I don't understand why you broads don't dig the blog. No .. uh .. I mean skirts. No! (never mind)

Yeah, I still have the old Gabby Hayes double-barrel shotgun. Don't get to fire it at no critters now that I live amomng the town folk.

Prof F,

Babies come from WalMart. Slightly better babies come from Target.