Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You didn't think the pimping was over, did you?

Pimping another of my short stories is actually a good opportunity to thank Michael Lister for including me in the anthology North Florida Noir. Thanks, dude. I hope you all check it out. Some fine stories.


Anonymous said...

Nice cover, looking forward to the book. Usually I can't post to this blog because I haven't written any novels (everybody else that comes here is a writer, right?). But I do have pictures of scantily clad women, so I figured this one was okay. Pimp away, my friend.

Victor Gischler said...


Lots of my pals are also writers, so posting on the blog can sometimes be like watercooler talk at the office. But it was never the intent to exclude anyone. All are equally free to waste time here at blogpocalypse.

And there will be more pimping to come. Never fear.