Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks for playing

Much obliged to those who helped shape my world view by giving me a thumbs up or down on some controversial issues in my previous post. Now the answer key:

Anchovy pizza is definitely a thumbs up. I used to tell people I ordered little fish on my pizza to keep bum pals of mine from asking for a slice. But the fact is I really do like the taste. Coors Light. Alas, a thumbs up. This almost not beer serves a purpose when mowing the lawn on a 99 degree day or slaving over a hot grill. Deep down, I know it's bad beer, but a fellow needs to hydrate. Abba is soooooo far down that it is back up again. This is simple pop culture physics, people. The Wii is cool and I love the golf. But it's expensive and my wife nagged me or one. Thumbs down. Phil Mickelson. Up, douchebags. Roy Orbison. Up. But my pals made fun of me in high school, so I wasn't sure. American Idol. Down, and yet for some reason I watch it anyway. I'm ashamed. The film DEATH PROOF is a sluggish up. I heard from so many people that it sucked, that my expectations were rock bottom when I saw it. And naturally it wasn't that bad. Real wives of ANYWHERE is a thumbs down. (The show, I mean. Not actual wives.)

I forget the rest. Meh. Who cares?


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of torn on Death Proof. I really wanted to like it. A Tarantino movie? With Kurt Russell? And hot chicks? And muscle cars? Come on, what's not to like? But the dialog threw me. A bunch of hot chicks babbling in Tarantino-speak just grated my gears. I thought Planet Terror was the better half of Grindhouse. That being said, I'll probably buy DP on DVD one of these days. Just to have the complete set.

Victor Gischler said...

Oh, Planet Terror was 50 times better. No doubt. But I really was expecting a huge turd from DEATH PROOF after getting so much bad feedback. It was impossible for the film to be as bad as the hype. I really like that sort of dialogue to be honest ... although Tarantino did take it past the limit of entertaining a bit.


Anonymous said...

Team Anchovy Rules.