Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trying to Sci-fi Myself

I've started three science fiction novels in the last few weeks and tossed them all down before finishing. Not because they were terrible. No. They just didn't grab me. Then I got my mitts on THE LAST COLONY by John Scalzi. Ahhhhhh. Good stuff. Solid entertainment. Good work, Mr. Scalzi. I've also enjoyed (very very much enjoyed) Old Man's War and The Ghost Brigades. Somehow Zoe's Tale slipped thru the cracks, but I'm, sure I'll get back to it sooner or later.

Again, Scalzi = awesome.


David Cranmer said...

I was in the sci-fi section today clueless as what to buy. Thanks for the heads up on THE LAST COLONY.

Victor Gischler said...


Advice: start with OLD MAN'S WAR.


MysterLynch said...

Altered Carbon.

Hard-boiled Sci-fi.

Victor Gischler said...


Richard Morgan kicks ass. I've read him and agree he is turbo keen.


Iren said...

I've been out of the Sci Fi loop for a long time... but I am sitting here looking at your comments and listening to Nuketown Radio Active #76: The Stars, Like Books podcast ( for anyone one that wants to check the podcast out) ... and there is a review of THE LAST COLONY... so with that plate of shrimp in front of me... I have to check Scalzi's work