Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 random things (yeah, this meme caught up with me too.)

Over at Facebook, writer Lee Goldberg tagged me with this 25 random things meme that's been bouncing around the blogs. I'm supposed to list random things about me. So ... here it goes:

1. I was a huge lover of science fiction and fantasy long before I got into crime fiction.

2. I have a Ph.D. in English from the University of Southern Mississippi.

3. I *hate* shaving but don't think I look particularly good with a beard.

4. My Italian publisher is Meridiano Zero. They treat me like a king and I love them!

5. I enjoy drinking beer at Epcot.

6. I enjoy traveling with my father. We've been around the world and all over Europe and the USA.

7. My wife also has a Ph.D. and is a much better academic than I am.

8. I am training my five year old son to be a Jedi Knight with plastic light sabers we got for Christmas.

9. I love independent films and am about to finalize an option for my 2nd screenplay.

10. The show Father Ted cracks me up.

11. I am eagerly waiting for season 3 of Venture Brothers to come out on DVD.

12. I love to grill and prefer charcoal to gas.

13. Even as I fool around with thise meme, I'm behind on other writing projects.

14. I've been "best man" for two weddings and would have been best man for a third but got very sick very suddenly and had to bail. (For which I was very sorry.)

15. I drink waaaaaaay too much coffee.

16. I am writing this on Super Bowl Sunday and could care less about the Super Bowl. I'm much more interested in the final round of the FBR Open.

17. I've written issues of Punisher and Wolverine (forthcoming) for Marvel Comics.

18. I used to live on 5 acres in backwater Oklahoma where deer and other animals routinely wandered through the yard.

19. I get my news from TV and radio ... not newspapers.

20. I own a double-barrel shotgun.

21. I stayed in Baton Rouge for Hurricane Gustav.

22. Some douchebag swiped my lawn mower.

23. I am buying a new lawn mower today.

24. I like a rainy day as long as I don't have to go anywhere.

25. In my opinion, Warren Zevon kicks ass.

Okay. I'm now supposed to tag 25 people, but after doing a little math, I realize I don't even know 25 people. So the first 25 people who read this should tag themselves.


Nathan Cain said...

That's why I never fill these things out, because seriously, 25 people. What am I? A social butterfly? Do I spend my days riding around in horse drawn carriage calling on people in their fucking drawing rooms to discuss the latest gossip? I have a job people, and when I'm not at my job I've got more work to do.

And Warren Zevon does indeed kick ass.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to assume I was number 26.

Anonymous said...

My wife tagged me in one of these things, and I still haven't done it. As for the best that wasn't (#14), it happens. Kind of like being a godfather that never does anything for the kid.

You're just stalling while we all wait for the big news...

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

I don't have a double-barrel shotgun, but I do have a pair of single-shot ones. It's not quite as cool, is it?

Anonymous said...

Straight up on 12, 13, and 25.

And he dug up her grave and built a cage with her bones. Great stuff!

MysterLynch said...

Charcoal is the only way to go.