Saturday, March 28, 2009

Begging for votes ...

If you've tuned into this blog the last week or so, then you know I've shamelessly been asking folks to head over to Book Spot Central and vote for my novel Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse. (I'm even getting a little sick of myself.) I was actually pretty surprised to win the first couple of rounds. But now I've run up against the novel Goblin War by Jim C. Hines. Hines must have some pretty loyal fans, because he's really piling up the votes, and I probably won't be able to catch him unless a miracle happens. Win or lose, I'm proud to say that I think Mr. Hines and I have put on a pretty good show and my book vs. his looks to be the biggest match of the tournament. (So far anyway.)

Having said that, I feel a very warm and fuzzy swelling of gratitude to the many folks who have voted for me. And hey, it's not over yet. I'd appreciate anyone's vote right now if you haven't voted yet. Go and vote now!


Jim C. Hines said...

I don't know. Last I looked, I thought the Go-Go Girls had pulled ahead of the goblins. Either way though, we've got more of a battle going than the rest of the tournament combined, which is pretty cool.

Next year I say we collaborate on a Go-Go Goblins novel. We'll sweep the awards for sure!


Victor Gischler said...


Thanks for stopping by Blogpocalypse, Jim.

Man, we're putting on a show, eh?


Jim C. Hines said...

Hi Victor!

Congrats on making it to the semifinals! It was a fun match. Good luck!