Monday, March 23, 2009

Bullet point of the apocalypse

* First, many many thanks to all of the awesome folks who voted for Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse over at the Book Spot Central book vs. book smackdown tournament. Your efforts have propelled me into the Sweet Sixteen round. Voting is open for the next round, so I hope you'll stick with me and go vote again. Thanks!

* Next, thank you thank you thank you to the cool people in the Louisiana State University English Department who run the Readers & Writers Series and invited me to read last night to a very receptive crowd. It was fun. Double extra thanks to Professor Brannon Costello who introduced me and made me sound like a big shot. Poet Laura Mullen put the whole event together. Thanks heaped onto her also. The other reader on the bill was poet Oni Buchanan who dazzled the crowd the a multi-media presentation. Super-keen fun all around.

* If you enjoy apocalypse and own an X-Box360 then you should be playing THIS.

* Vampire A GO-GO has sold to Germany.

* TEASER. New awesome projects in the works. Stay tuned to this blog for announcements.


Unknown said...

Of course I will (already did, actually) vote for you again. This is fun. The OU Sooners and Go-Go Girls are both in their own version of the Sweet Sixteen. This is shaping up to be a great week.


Victor Gischler said...

Thanks, Bryce. I hope all is well back in Oklahoma.


David Cranmer said...

We have to vote again? Dios Mio! Ok, I will a little later today but I'm expecting a bagful of cash in small denominations delivered to...

Victor Gischler said...

Yes, vote early and vote often. It' like a march madness tournament. The teams have to keep playing and the voters keep voting. You are all earning sooooo much karma. Which spends just like cash ... in the afterlife.

Unknown said...

Hmmm.... that begs the question: Exactly what is there to buy in the afterlife? If it truly is paradise, the beer and wings would be free. Hot wings, not angel wings.